US Congress additional economic measures Republican $1 trillion Democratic $3 trillion offensive and defensive July 28 11:58

Regarding additional economic measures to respond to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the ruling party and the Republican Party of the US Congress announced a total of 1 trillion dollars and 100 trillion yen in Japanese yen. On the other hand, the opposition party and the Democratic Party are demanding measures that are three times as large, and it is expected that talks will begin in earnest in the future.

On the 27th, executives of the ruling party and the Republican Party announced a plan to carry out a fiscal stimulus of 105 trillion yen in total JPY 1 trillion and Japanese yen for additional economic measures.

In addition to re-paying cash to each family, it plans to reduce the amount of the $600 weekly unemployment insurance policy that will expire at the end of this month, and then extend it.

In addition, we have included financial support for companies that maintain employment, schools that resume classes, and vaccine development, and we emphasize the aim of supporting early normalization of employment and life.

On the other hand, the opposition party and the Democratic Party have already proposed a plan of 3 trillion dollars, which is three times as much as this, and 315 trillion yen in Japanese yen, focusing on support for unemployed people.

In the United States, economic measures of 300 trillion yen, which is the largest ever, have already been implemented, and it has been pointed out that the fiscal situation has been extremely deteriorated. You can see it and the bargaining is likely to become more intense.