Three months before the US election, a controversy is pending in Congress over the second Corona relief package. The U.S. Republicans presented their proposal for measures of around one trillion US dollars (860 billion euros) on Monday. "The American people need more help," said Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. However, the support must be "carefully tailored" - on the one hand, the country must overcome the crisis, on the other hand, the economy must recover.  

Senator Chuck Grassley announced another round of $ 1,200 one-time payments for "most" US adults. At the same time, he defended the intention to cut the federal weekly unemployment benefits. The $ 600 end-of-month support that jobseekers get in addition to state aid helps people rest, Grassley made it clear: "People won't work. And what this country are more workers. " There should no longer be a weekly flat rate of $ 600, but wage replacement payments of 70 percent.

Democrats want $ 3 trillion package

Democrats accuse President Donald Trump's party of delaying a new package. They advocate a $ 3 trillion aid package that maintains the same amount of federal weekly unemployment benefits.

The corona pandemic has hit the US economy hard. Millions of people have become unemployed in a very short time. The number of initial applications for unemployment benefits has recently risen again for more than three months. Economic stimulus programs that have already been approved should pump nearly $ 3 trillion into the US economy, more than 10 percent of annual economic output. The United States is the country with the most corona deaths (146,000) and infected (4.2 million) worldwide.