China Overseas Chinese Network, July 28. According to a compilation report on the WeChat public account of Italy's "Xinhua United Times", a Chinese girl in Prato, Italy recently attempted to commit suicide by jumping from the third floor and was rescued by the local military police.

  It is reported that it was late at night and in a Chinese family in Prato, the couple had a fierce quarrel. The two children bred together by the couple were unbearable, and the younger brother tried to persuade the parents, but it was useless. In a rage, he called the police, hoping that the police could help calm the family turmoil.

  After receiving the police call and rushing to the scene, the military police tried to calm down the Chinese couple, but the couple became more quarrelsome. Just when the two people were arguing in a quarrel, the 19-year-old sister seemed to be unable to bear everything in front of her anymore. She rushed to the balcony and tried to jump off the third floor, thus killing her.

  Fortunately, the military police quickly rushed up with eye problems and grabbed the Chinese girl to avoid the tragedy. In the end, the girl just sprained her right shoulder and was sent to the hospital for treatment. (Fan people)