The European People's Party, which is the largest bloc in the European Parliament, called for the immediate disclosure of the fate of the former Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad bin Nayef, and his protection from killing by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, according to a statement issued by the party.

The party expressed deep concern about the fate of Muhammad bin Nayef, and said that there are indications indicating his deteriorating health in his prison in Saudi Arabia.

The party called on the Saudi crown prince to refrain from "eliminating his political opponents," according to the statement.

The statement described the arrest of Muhammad bin Nayef as "a matter of concern for European lawmakers," and called on Saudi leaders to respect their international human rights obligations through an independent and impartial trial.

The party pointed out that the former crown prince is "an old friend of the West and Europe, and it is truly sad to hear about his suffering in prison in Saudi Arabia for unknown reasons."

The American Washington Post newspaper earlier this month quoted Saudi and American sources as saying that the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Saudi crown prince is about to finish a detailed investigation into allegations of corruption and treason against Prince Muhammad bin Nayef after 4 months of his arrest.

The newspaper added that the committee is preparing to charge Mohamed bin Nayef with seizing $ 15 billion while he was running anti-terrorism programs in the ministry.

These moves against Muhammad bin Nayef are the latest in a series of measures that are seen as a way to consolidate the power of Muhammad bin Salman within the ruling family, and get rid of any potential threats to his authority, before he ended up succeeding the king after his death or abdication.