[Global Times Reporter Liu Yupeng] "Russia refuses to return to the outdated G7 model." On the 27th, in response to the statement of the German Foreign Minister Maas that once again refused to return Russia to the G7 on the same day, the Russian Federal Security Council Vice Chairman Medvedev and the Kremlin both In response, G7 should not pretend to be a global leader. “For Russia, G7 is outdated and no one wants to return to the previous model.” At the same time, in Germany, its Bundestag Member Waldemar Gert said , Mas’s statement is irresponsible to German citizens. Without Russia’s participation, Europe’s problems, including energy, security and resources, cannot be resolved.

  According to a report by the Russian news agency TASS on the 28th, in response to the previous assumption that US President Trump planned to invite Russia, India, Australia, South Korea and Brazil to participate in the G7 summit, Maas said in an interview with the German "Rhine Post": "We do not need another A G11 or G12. Russia was excluded from the G8 because of its annexation of Crimea and interference in eastern Ukraine. Only after the above problems are resolved, it is possible to expand the current G7 model." Maas also said, In addition to Crimea and eastern Ukraine, Russia is also responsible for the conflicts in Syria and Libya. Germany has assumed the rotating presidency of the European Union since July 1 this year and played a mediating role in the conflict between Libya and Ukraine.

  In this regard, Medvedev said on the 27th that the world has undergone tremendous changes. Without the participation of China, India and many other countries, no issues can be discussed. In the context of G20 and other international models, the value of G7 is doubtful. On the same day, the Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov also stated that the G7 can discuss global economic issues, but may not be able to call itself a "global leader."

  At the same time, Russian officials and experts sneered at G7. "Russia Today" television said on the 28th that Slutsky, chairman of the Russian State Duma’s International Affairs Committee, said that Mas’s position was more due to the deterioration of German-US relations. This statement is not directed at Moscow, but at Trump. In addition, in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian President’s phone call to ease tensions in the Donbass region, Kamkin, an expert at the Institute of European Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that the purpose of Mas’s statement is to aggravate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, because Russia and Germany are in conflict. There are insurmountable contradictions on the Ukrainian issue.