To help you understand, our military's flagship missile'Hyeonmu' is a solid fuel method, and in the past, Naro has used liquid fuel. When comparing the two, solid fuel has many advantages. Above all, it has a good cost-performance ratio and excellent mobility. Liquid fuel takes a long time to inject and there is a concern that the projectile will corrode, but solid fuel does not have to worry about it. However, there is a disadvantage that the driving force is weak. So it is said that it fits well with a low-altitude reconnaissance satellite, but this is not all.

A military reporter, Taehoon Kim, explains the military meaning in detail.


President Moon Jae-in, who visited the Defense Research Institute on the 23rd, hinted at the success of developing the latest Hyunmu-4 missile.

[President Moon Jae-in: We have developed a ballistic missile with the world's largest warhead weight.] It

is known to fly 800 tons with a two-ton warhead. Can be raised to an altitude of 300㎞.

The low orbit of the military reconnaissance satellites is between 500 and 2,000 km.

It is a story that can speed up the development of a space projectile based on a string.

[Young-Geun Jang/Professor of Korea Aerospace University: If you can assemble 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th with that (current solid fuel rocket), it will save time. I will also save money.]

It has a weaker thrust than liquid fuel, but it is cheap, stable, and maneuverable, so it is easy to lift low-orbit military reconnaissance satellites that are viewed low by using a solid fuel projectile.

In addition, it is evaluated that the foundation for the development of medium- and long-range solid fuel missiles has been laid in the long run.

This revision is a space launch vehicle, but with the addition of missile technology and twins, such as the front and back sides of the coin, a further revision of the missile instructions will enable military conversion.

However, the development of solid fuel projectiles with large thrust is a future story that still requires a lot of time and money.

(Video coverage: Jaeyoung Lee, video editing: Seungjin Lee) 

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