Separation of immigrants from Britain and Spain re-required 19:30 on July 28th due to expansion of new corona

The British government hastily announced measures to reinforce the two-week quarantine of Spanish immigrants, saying that the new coronavirus infection is spreading again, among other people spending vacations in Spain. The confusion is spreading.

As a measure against the infection of the new coronavirus, the British government obliges people arriving from abroad to quarantine for two weeks at the place declared in advance, but since 10th of this month, in some countries including Spain, this Exempted from measures.

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Britain, and many tourists immediately went there.

On the 25th, however, the British government announced in Spain that the infection has spread again, and that it will be required to quarantine again from the next day.

Confusion spreads among local British tourists, and there were resentments such as "Spain is more thorough in infection control. London has a higher risk of infection" and "too sudden announcement". I am.

After two weeks of isolation, some people will not be able to return to work after returning to Japan, including Transport Minister Shaps, who is on vacation in Spain.

The travel industry is expecting a recovery in demand during the summer tourism season, and the government's decision will be a major blow.