It was in November 2019 that 17-year-old Wilma disappeared from her home in Uddevalla. Early in the investigation, her ex-boyfriend was suspected of being behind her disappearance, he was arrested shortly afterwards and has since been in custody on suspicion of murder.

In June, Uddevalla District Court announced "... that there is convincing evidence that the man was guilty of murder and breach of the peace." And in mid-July, the National Board of Forensic Medicine ruled that the ex-boyfriend did not suffer from a serious mental disorder. Something that the defendant also agreed with.

- Because he does not suffer from a serious mental disorder, I think the sentence could be life imprisonment, says chamber prosecutor Jim Westerberg.

According to the defendant's defense attorney, the man still denies the murder charges.

- We must have respect for what the district court makes for decisions. We will see what the verdict will be and then we will see if we will appeal it, says Beatrice Rämsell to SVT Nyheter Väst.

The search continues

Police forensic technicians found Wilma's head in the man's home. The girl's remaining body parts have not been found. Got, (Volunteer efforts in crisis and disaster) which is a voluntary organization has from the beginning looked for Wilma.

- We will resume the efforts this autumn and take help from the resources that signed up for Fikk. What motivates us to continue looking for Wilma is her family, who should be able to have a whole body to bury, says Peder Schillerström Bruun, chairman of Fikk.

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In the video, we go through the course of events with Wilma's disappearance in 60 seconds. The picture is published with permission from Wilma's family. Photo: Private / Tomas Singer