The lifting operation of the crane that crashed in Helsinki's Kaivopuisto on Friday morning and served as a bungee jumping tower has been completed, says Tomi Sulonen, CEO of Nostopalvelu J. Helaakoski, who rented the crane for bungee jumping.

- Yes, it has been largely removed from the water. Today, the last cleanings will be done and the beach will be emptied, Sulonen said on Monday morning.

The operation began as early as Saturday, but moving a 150-meter and up to 50-tonne crane has proved challenging.

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The Helsinki Rescue Department received an alarm about the collapse of a 150-meter bungee jumping tower on Friday morning just before seven. No one was injured in the situation.

The boom section at the lower end of the crane tower has failed as it has bent, causing the tower to fall into the sea. The vehicle had remained stationary on the shore.

The cause of the boom failure is still unknown. According to Sulonen, it will be clarified this week.