Alfa Romeo has been one of the biggest disappointments of the current F1 season, as the pace of the Swiss-Italian team has been sluggish, especially in time.

In an interview with French magazine Auto Hebdo, team manager Frederic Vasseur does not promise that the pace of Alpha cars will continue to improve radically in the future.

"We have some idea why the pace is not enough, but first we have to find out why we are not even up to AlphaTaur or Renault in time," Vasseur said and continued:

- We just have to keep our heads cold, even though everyone sees that we are having a hard time. Our seasonal budget also affects things: There’s a certain amount of uncertainty involved when we don’t yet know how many GP races will be run this season.

Auto Hebdo also asked Vasseur's view on whether Kimi Räikkönen has been “paralyzed” when he has discovered how challenging it is to capture even a reasonable starting screen for Sunday’s races.

- Everything else. It’s certainly not an adjective I would use when I saw his performance at the Hungaroring. Räikkönen's pace was really good. It’s pointless to sprinkle ashes on top if you leave the last row and get a five-second time penalty, after which you fall on the tail of the race. It was a very exceptional chain of events, Vasseur said.

Räikkönen placed 15th in the Hungarian GP. The F1 season continues this weekend in Silverstone.