After the spread of Corona 19, it seems that international students and self-employed people, who have entered Korea from China and have not returned, will be able to enter China again with visas starting next month.

During an interview with correspondents in Beijing on the 27th, Chinese ambassador Jang Ha-sung said, "China has decided to issue visas to three groups: international students, workers and citizens with valid residence permits."

"China has been actively discussing with us recently to open the border," said Ambassador Zhang.

The Chinese government has suspended entry of foreigners with valid residence visas and residence permits from the end of March to prevent re-influx of Corona19.

This is the first time China has eased visa restrictions against certain countries since the spread of Corona19.

China may be able to expand the number of countries eligible for visa easing, starting with Korea.

Since the two countries are discussing the specific schedule and method of issuing visas to international students, it is known that visas will be issued as early as August.

Ambassador Zhang said the situation may vary by school, but international students will be able to return to China in time for the opening of September.

Afterwards, I hoped that the people who had stopped working because they could not return to China could resolve the difficulties.

Most of the 50,000 Korean international students attending elementary, middle and high schools in China are staying in Korea.

It is known that about a third of the people have not returned to China.

The two countries have already agreed to increase the number of flights between the two countries to 20 per week, which has plunged 10 times a week since March, but Ambassador Zhang is also discussing further increases.

An official at the embassy said, "I am strongly telling the Chinese that it is essential to increase the number of flights, but that the flight must be followed, but China is accepting some of it."

(Photo = Yonhap News)