At the end of the Ecological Defense Council which met on Monday morning, the Minister of Ecological Transition made the fight against thermal strainers a priority, and also announced the creation of two new regional parks, at Mont Ventoux and in the bay of maritime Somme-Picardy

Fight against thermal strainers, creation of two regional natural parks are among the first concrete measures resulting from the Citizen's Convention for the climate that the government will implement by decree, announced Monday the Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili. A moratorium on shopping centers will await legislative measures.

Require the owner to do work

The Ecological Defense Council met Monday morning at the Elysee Palace to discuss "the first measures resulting from the Citizen's Climate Convention, the fight against the artificialization of soils and the creation of new protected areas".

Regarding the thermal renovation of buildings, which represents 20% of greenhouse gases, the government will introduce, by decree, energy performance among the criteria of the 'decency' of housing from January 1, 2023 ", indicates the minister in an interview with the World . "This will allow people who live in these thermal sieves - homes that consume more than 500 kW / h per m2 per year - to require the owner to do work, at the risk that the Judge prohibits the latter from receiving rent, or even prohibits the rental of such accommodation, "she continues. This project is currently subject to public consultation.

"We are going to ban outdoor heating on public spaces, on terraces"

It will be forbidden to install oil and coal boilers in new homes and "we will also force, from January 2022, to replace oil or coal boilers that are broken by a more virtuous boiler", continues the minister. "We are going to ban outdoor heating on public spaces, terraces" and force "to close the doors for all heated or air-conditioned buildings open to the public". However, these measures will not be implemented before spring 2021, specifies Barbara Pompili, justifying this delay by the Covid-19 crisis.

France is committed to having 30% of its land surface protected. To achieve this, it will create "two regional natural parks, at Mont Ventoux and in the bay of Somme-Picardy maritime" and "a national nature reserve, the forest of Robertsau, in Alsace", concretizing projects already in the pipeline .