Figure skater Viveca Lindfors will end his successful career at the age of 21, the Figure Skating Association says in a press release.

Last year, Lindfors won the European Championship bronze in Minsk. The races were the last of his career.

- I have decided to end my career skill skater. After a long period of rehabilitation and many attempts to return to full-time training, it must be said that I will no longer get my back in the condition that it would withstand the training required at the top international level, Lindfors states in a statement.

Lindfors suffered from back problems in his career in recent years.

- The decision was also influenced by getting a study place at the University of Turku. All things considered, ending my career and focusing on my studies is the most sensible option for me at this stage.

At the World Championships level, Lindfors' best achievement was 18th from 2018. In the same year, he won the Finnish championship. Lindfors was coached by Virpi Horttana.