China Overseas Chinese Network, July 26. According to the US "Overseas News" report, in order to combat the epidemic and ease the economic pressure caused by the implementation of the epidemic prevention order, the city of Monterey Park approved the city's first Chinese restaurant to open an outdoor dining area. . The industry said it is waiting for the further relaxation of the Los Angeles County epidemic prevention ban. If approved, the industry will open a dinner and dining area in the parking lot.

  Due to the severe epidemic in California, the governor ordered the suspension of dine-in restaurants two weeks ago. The Chinese catering industry, which has just seen some hope, is under tremendous pressure. In order to alleviate the pressure of the catering industry and allow restaurants to survive, the city of Mongolia has launched a project plan that allows operators to open catering areas outdoors, that is, as long as the industry has demand and submit an application, Mongolia will issue a temporary restaurant opening license after inspection , Let them open up a dining area outdoors, even in the parking lot.

A corner of the outdoor dining area opened by Haibao Chao Yue Restaurant in Mongolia. (Photographed by Qiu Chen, a reporter from the U.S. Overseas Chinese News) 

  The first Haibao Chao Cantonese restaurant that was approved by the city of Mongolia to open an outdoor dining area, obtained a temporary license for an outdoor dining area on the morning of the 24th, and began to receive guests. Chen Changhe, the general manager of the restaurant, said that there were 10 tables in the outdoor dining area of ​​the lunch hall that day, and the guests were all filled for a long time. He expressed satisfaction with the operation of the outdoor dining area on the first day of opening. In the previous week, the restaurant was just a Hong Kong-style meal for takeaway morning tea.

  Chen Changhe said that Haibao Chao Cantonese Restaurant has a total of 750 seats, and there is too much difference in business after the outbreak. He hopes that Los Angeles County can further loosen the epidemic prevention order and open the outdoor dining area for dinner, for which he has submitted an application to the county government. If approved, he will set up an awning in the parking lot in front of the restaurant, and place tables and chairs for guests to enjoy dinner outdoors.

  Yvonne Yiu, a city councillor who is actively promoting restaurants to open outdoor dining areas in Monterey Park, hopes that more restaurants can seize the opportunity to open outdoor dining areas: "Many citizens are It’s been a long time.” said Rao Yingfan. At present, there are about 10 restaurants that have applied for temporary licenses for outdoor dining areas in the city government. She and city staff are also calling or sending emails to actively contact and encourage more businesses to use this area. She hopes that she can help everyone tide over the difficulties.

Chef Wen, the chef of the restaurant, said that opening an outdoor dining area is a good business and can feel it. (Photographed by Qiu Chen, a reporter from the U.S. Overseas Chinese News) 

  However, the urban area of ​​Mongolia is relatively crowded, and some restaurants want to apply, but their own conditions are insufficient. For example, Rao Yingfan said that the parking lot of some restaurants is sloping and cannot be opened up for outdoor dining. Many restaurants in the cities around Mongolia have opened outdoor dining areas. Some cities, such as Pasadena, even closed wide roads to support the survival of the catering industry.

  The city's businessmen who set up tables on the main road to welcome customers say that although the road catering area cannot return business to normal levels, it can relieve a lot of pressure.