On Saturday, FIFA made a formal speech to the 22 Arab federations, inviting them to participate in the Arab Cup Championship in Qatar 2021.

This speech is an official invitation to the Arab national federations by the President of the International Football Federation, Gianni Infantino, to participate in the tournament scheduled for next year 2021, a year before the largest global event represented in the World Cup Qatar 2022.

"I am very pleased to have the honor to personally invite your national team to participate in the Arab Cup 2021 that will take place in Qatar. This special and distinguished event will have a prominent impact on competitive football at the highest levels in the region," Infantino said in the invitation book.

"FIFA, together with the host country, Qatar, wishes to take advantage of this opportunity to review the best of Arab football, while ensuring the high quality of standards for organizing events and hospitality, in light of the region's willingness to host the largest event in the world in 2022," he added.

FIFA, in partnership with the Qatar Football Association, announced the organization of a tournament for Arab teams in Doha late next year on the stadiums designated for the World Cup.

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the official schedule for the FIFA World Cup ™ Qatar 2022 matches was
announced فت Opening November 21 Stadium House
البيت Closing December 18 Lusail Stadium
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The Arab Championship competitions will be held close to the World Cup during the period from the first of December 2021 to 18 of the same month, which is the National Day of the State of Qatar, which will also witness the final of the World Cup 2022, and 22 Arab teams from Africa and Asia will participate in it.