U.S. racism protest demonstrating 5:27, July 27

Two months have passed in 25 days from the death of a black man in the United States who was suppressed by a white police officer. As protests against racism continued throughout the country, a series of incidents resulted in casualties from gun shooting during the demonstrations this weekend.

It's been two months since May, when a black policeman, George Floyd, was killed by a white policeman in his mid-western state of Minnesota in May, protesting racism this weekend. Demonstrations were held in various places.

Of these, in Austin, southern Texas, about 100 people joined and marched with a voice saying, "Raise your fist, stand up," but according to police, somebody shot several times in the middle and a male One person died.

Police have announced that they have detained the suspect, but details of the motives for the crime are unknown.

Also, in the outskirts of Denver, Colorado, in the west, at least two participants were injured when a demonstrator fired at a car that tried to run at high speed between demonstrators protesting on a highway. It means that

With regard to the protest demonstration, the Trump administration has suppressed the demonstrators, and the opposition to the dispatch of armed federal officials has increased.