If you want to accustom your children to behave in a gentle and gentle manner with others then what you need is mothers and fathers, except for you to be a good example and do the appropriate behavior in front of them, because they will notice this well and begin your tradition.

In a report published by the American Parents magazine, the author, Molly Xia, said that helping neighbors, supporting friends in difficult times, and being friendly in public places are behaviors that make mothers and fathers a wonderful role model if they do it in front of their children constantly.

Here are tips that help adults to get their children to behave with others with respect:

1- A friend's message of support

Supporting friends in difficult times indicates the strength of human relationships, and it is one of the important things that you should learn for your child, so let him share with you the process of choosing appropriate support messages for friends.

Share your child by choosing the right support messages for friends he teaches empathy (Pixels)

2- An additional meal in the supermarket

No one likes to stand in line and wait long inside the supermarket, but this may provide you with an opportunity to teach your child a great lesson, and the next time you go to spend your needs during prime time, be sure to buy an additional snack and provide it to those behind you in the queue, and this behavior will help Your child to think of others even when he is busy.

Grab the door for those behind you that accustom your child to the respect and appreciation of others (Pixels)

3- Hold the door for whoever comes behind you

If you are entering somewhere, make sure to stop for a while and hold the door for the one behind you, and your child will be used to respecting and appreciating others.

Help others with some money in front of your child learning to give (Pixels)

4- Help others with some money

It does not take much effort to do good and help others mostly, make your child learn to give by putting some cash in the places designated for it in front of him.

5- Make room for others

Making room for others in public places indicates that you are a polite and unselfish person, so make sure your child hears you saying out loud, "Go ahead."

6- Greeting

Greeting workers and employees when entering a place is a useful lesson for your child to understand the meaning of equality between members of society.

Greeting when entering somewhere is a useful lesson for your child (Pixels)

7- Donate some books and games

Take a set of books and toys that your child owns and take him to another child's house that he needs and have him give it to him. He will definitely feel what it means to bring joy into the hearts of others.

8- Make sweets for school receptionists

Have your child join you by preparing a homemade dessert plate and take him to school to present it to the reception staff. The staff smile will remain on his mind for a long time.

Making sweets for school receptionists for your child to offer them (Pixels)

9- Providing help to others

It is very important that you help others in front of your child to get used to this and love him from a young age, take it with you to clean the garden of your elderly neighbor's house or to provide help in carrying some things.

10- Appreciating the efforts of others

Make sure to thank and praise others in front of your child, as this will encourage him to do the same in the future.

Thanks to those who help your child get used to the appreciation of people (Pixels)

11- I thank the school guard

Before you thank your child for those who help him on a daily basis, such as a school guard, this is his appreciation for the people around him.

12- Participation in volunteer work

Make sure your child participates in some volunteer work that is beneficial to the community, and explain the benefits of this behavior.

13- Show interest in others

When your child talks to you about his latest adventures, listen to him well and make him feel valuable in caring for others ’feelings. This will help him a lot in his social relationships.

Sharing meals with friends will teach your child to be generous and friendly with others (Pixels)

14- Share meals with friends

Make sure your child gets used to sharing his snacks with his friends, this will teach him to be generous and friendly with others.