Oulu crashed late Saturday night when world-famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was seen at a local Lapland Hotel.

An IS reader who stayed at the same hotel reports that Ramsay enjoyed Finnish Napue Gin in the lobby bar and chatted with the chef of the restaurant as satisfied.

The reason for the peak visit has not yet been clarified on Sunday. IS targeted Oulu restaurant film people as well as representatives of the City of Oulu, the Oulu 2026 project and Business Oulu, but none of them had the slightest idea what Ramsay was up to in the city. Some of the people sought by IS did not respond to the inquiries.

Oulu's own TV chef, Janne Pekkala, who is also familiar with the Makupalat program, was rumored to have spent time with his British colleague on Saturday. However, he vehemently denied the allegations.

- I really haven't been with him. I was in a catering business on Saturday at one of the weddings, and Gordon Ramsay was not visible there, Pekkala stated and added that he has no information about the purpose of Ramsay's trip to Oulu either.

The City of Oulu's Director of Communications, Mikko Salmi, had heard of the world star's visit, but he too was blissfully unaware of what he was doing in the city.

“It would be undeniably interesting to know, but he has no link to our figures,” the communications director said.

Salmi was well taken in that Ramsay had chosen Oulu as his travel destination. He was annoyed by Saturday’s chilly and rainy weather, but luckily on Sunday the weather is already considerably summerier, and the seaside town gets to show its celebrities the best of it.

- I would always like the gang to see Oulu and Finland's summer at its best, but yes, that's where it starts, he comments hopefully.

It is also possible that he has come to make a video for his Youtube channel. Ramsay released a video on her channel last Sunday in which she makes an omelet in Norway.