Three of them have been taken to hospital and one of them has been seriously injured.

The overtime is believed to have acted intentionally and he was arrested immediately. The man, described as aged 30 to 40, is suspected of attempted murder.

- We are investigating the possibility that the perpetrator was intended to drive on a certain person, says police spokesman Mats Öhman, according to Aftonbladet.

According to Öhman, the most seriously injured victim suffered injuries to his head and body. The victims taken to the hospital are a man about 35 years old, a man over 50 years old and a woman about 18 years old.

According to police, the citizens present were able to stop the driver.

- We have witness statements that individuals dragged the man out of the car, says Johan Wallenius Aftonbladet, who commented on the matter.

The police did not yet want to comment on the man's possible motives.