• Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega, 24 days disappeared despite the coronavirus pandemic
  • America.The President of Nicaragua reappears after more than a month and says that the coronavirus is "a sign of God"

Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega (74 years old) has received the "sign of God". At least that is what his in-law, businessman José Dolores Blandino says during a television program, collected by the local newspaper La Prensa . "Daniel Ortega also suffered (the coronavirus), I do not have to hide it. That is why they changed their attitude," said the father of Xiomara Blandino, a sentimental partner of Juan Carlos Ortega, one of the children of the presidential couple.

So far, the revolutionary leader has despised the coronavirus epidemic, calling it a "sign of God", without dictating measures to contain it and hiding the true impact on his country. Official statistics only recognize 3,500 infected and 108 dead, but the Covid-19 Citizen Observatory shoots up to almost 9,000 infected and 2,500 deaths, including government leaders.

In the American continent, three presidents have acknowledged having caught the virus : the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro, the Bolivian Jeanine Áñez and the Honduran Juan Orlando Hernández. Luis Abinader, president-elect of the Dominican Republic, also suffered from the disease weeks before defeating the candidate of the current government at the polls.

Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, presided this week at the events of the 41st anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista revolution. And they did it wearing a mask for the first time after neglecting biosecurity measures from the beginning of the pandemic.

The Nicaraguan president reappeared like this after 39 days without being seen or heard. His last appearance was a virtual meeting with his allies from the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our America (ALBA). Before his followers, the Central American leader once again showed his usual sickly appearance, the one that has accompanied him for years. On this occasion he delivered his speech sitting down. Previously, he was also disappeared before public opinion for weeks, despite the impact of the coronacrisis.

"It is a disease that I know came to El Carmen (the Ortega clan mansion). My daughter had all the symptoms and was treated. My grandchildren were at my house on May 30 because on Mother's Day they could not share with his mother because she had Covid. Although they have not been tested for Covid, it cannot be said that it is Covid, but all the symptoms had them, "Blandino revealed.

From the opposition, accustomed to the propaganda tricks of the regime, they reacted with many doubts to the news revealed by the businessman. "What has always been said is that he suffers from lupus," Hugo Torres, vice president of the Sandinista Renewal Movement (MRS) and a good connoisseur of the caudillo, told EL MUNDO, with whom he fought to overthrow the Somozas. The president also underwent a heart operation in Cuba before returning to power in 2007.

"As it disappears for long periods of time, speculation multiplies, but I have my doubts that he was with Covid-19. In his last public appearance, he did not show the havoc that could have been if he had suffered from such a condition. Many Sometimes, this type of dictators create myths around them, to give the image of invincibility, "said the retired brigadier general, who led the operation to rescue Ortega before the final victory against the Somoza dictatorship.

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