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corona crisis, President Trump of the United States announced that he would not give a visa to foreign students attending US colleges this fall if he only attended Internet classes. Even Korean students, 250,000 people from all over the world have passed the certificate and cannot go to the United States.

Reporter Kim Young-ah.

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is the homepage of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau under the Department of Homeland Security.

New international students who have not been enrolled until March 9 have said they will not be able to enter the United States if they only take online classes this fall.

However, existing international students who are currently in the United States or who re-enter the country with a visa have stated that the visa is maintained even if they take 100% online.

This means that visa restrictions for online students who withdrew due to a strong backlash last week will be applied to new students.

The Trump government announced on the 6th that international students who only attend online classes during the fall semester will be banned from staying in the United States and issuing new visas.

President Trump's urgent need to reopen economic activity ahead of the presidential election is to force schools to open schools, but more than 200 universities and IT companies in the United States, including Harvard and MIT, and some state governments have been fiercely suing the government. After the backlash, it was withdrawn in 8 days.

However, in just 10 days, the target was narrowed to new students, and eventually the visa restrictions were enforced.

It is estimated that there will be 250,000 new international students this fall.

(Video editing: Oh No-young)