The fronts of the Salab mountain range and we find an old man in Nahham, northeast of the capital, Sanaa, witnessed violent confrontations between the Yemeni army and the tribes on the one hand and the Houthi militia on the other hand, expanded to the Sarwah and Al-Mukhdara fronts west of Ma'rib Governorate, which led to the destruction of fortifications and military mechanisms, and killed and injured a number of Houthi elements, including A prominent field leader among the Houthis, while militia violations continued on the fronts of the West Coast.

In details, the Yemeni army artillery shelled yesterday morning, a number of sites where the Houthi militia elements are stationed in the Nahham fronts, northeast of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, achieving specific injuries according to field sources, noting that the army and the tribes bombed the Houthi sites in the mountains of Salb and Najd al-Ataq, This resulted in deaths and injuries among their members.

The sources reported that the army artillery destroyed the fortifications and a marshal of the militias, and this resulted in the death and injury of many of their members, including a prominent field leader named Muhammad Mahmoud Hilal, the commander of the special missions in the drug fronts, Sorouh and Naham, as well as eight of his elements while they were holding a meeting in one of the marshes in the target area.

The sources pointed out that the bombing destroyed mechanisms and weapons that were in the targeted areas, while the coalition fighters bombed Houthi military sites and mechanisms in the vicinity of the capital, Sanaa, Ma'rib and Al-Jawf, which led to the destruction of vehicles, a vehicle and wounding a number of Houthis.

In Marib, field sources confirmed the continuation of the battles on the narcotic fronts and Sarwah, amid reports of advances by the army and tribes in those fronts at the expense of the Houthi militias, noting that the army and the tribes pushed reinforcements to the Sarawah fronts, which are the Sanaa Gate, with the aim of starting a military operation towards the district headquarters, the last Houthi stronghold In the Directorate. In Al-Jawf, local sources confirmed that the Houthi militia had robbed shops, institutions, and gas and oil stations in Al-Hazm city and confiscated them for the benefit of its members. In Amran, coalition fighters foiled the process of creating a military militia site in Harf Sufyan, located between Sana'a and Saada, and targeted it with a series of raids that led to the destruction of an operations room and a military communications network.

In Al-Bayda, the battles continued on the Qaniyah and Abdiyah fronts, with the army and the tribes advancing 200 km from the city of Marib, towards the center of Al-Bayda, which was recently visited by senior leaders of the Yemeni army and the Arab Alliance, while a civilian was killed and another was wounded in the Qaniya area as a result of a landmine explosion planted by the Houthi militia In the area. In Al Dhale'e, Al Houthi militia carried out campaigns of kidnapping and forced displacement in several areas under its control, in the departments of Qataba and Al Hasha, northwest of Al Dhale'e Governorate, coinciding with the displacement of two residents of the south of Makhlaf Al Oud in Qataba District. In Hodeidah, the Houthi militia bombed joint sites and civilian neighborhoods in a random manner, focusing on the areas east of the city of Al-Tahita, and also targeted sites and residential neighborhoods east of the city of Hodeidah, including 16 km and 50 Street east of the city, with various types of heavy and medium weapons. Militias also shelled residential neighborhoods in the Hayes district and opened fire with automatic weapons on residential neighborhoods in the center and outskirts of the city, including the Beit Maghari area northwest of Hayes, which was targeted by Houthi with various types of weapons.

14 new infections and 11 cases of recovery from "corona"

The Supreme National Committee to Face the Corona Epidemic in Yemen recorded 14 new cases, along with 11 cases of recovery from Corona and three deaths.

The committee pointed out that the total confirmed cases in Yemen have risen to 1654, of which 461 deaths and 762 recoveries. Aden ■ Emirates today

- Al-Houthi militia carried out campaigns of kidnapping and forced displacement in many areas of Al-Dali '.

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