In northern Sweden there is a very small wolf population and in Västerbotten it is almost non-existent.

- There are very few wolves in northern Sweden. Only a few wolf reports have been submitted to the County Administrative Board during the first half of the year, says Michael Schneider, official responsible for predators at the County Administrative Board in Västerbotten.

Taken saliva samples

The County Administrative Board has been on site at the farmer in Vindeln municipality who owns the sheep. Saliva samples have been taken there to get more information about the wolf.

- We know very little about the wolf but have taken saliva samples to be able to do a DNA analysis. Then you get to know where the wolf comes from, what territory it belongs to, who the parents are and more, says Michael Schneider.

How many wolves are there in Västerbotten?

- Right now we know that it is a wolf that moves in Västerbotten, around Tvärålund there have been some wolf reports. Inside Tvärålund, a wolf was filmed walking through the village at night, and we suspect that it is that wolf, but we do not know for sure, says Schneider.

SVT has been able to watch the film which was shot at two o'clock at night in Tvärålund. The film has been shown to the County Administrative Board, which confirms that there is a wolf in the film.

How can you protect yourself from wolves?

- You can set up electric fences, then you can apply for a grant for such fences, you can also get compensation from the County Administrative Board for the damage, says Schneider and continues:

- Protection hunting is also possible but it is the last thing you do.

In the video above, you can see the wolf that probably killed the sheep.