Hand up if you’ve marinated, pruned, and organized your belongings and your home in recent years.

So, there are quite a few. If you try to live with so-called less and consume in moderation, what goods everyday life reveals unnecessary?

We asked minimalist and zero waste blogger Roosa Blom what items she no longer uses and buys.

Roosa, 25, who lives in Pälkäne, has tried to live as sparingly and ecologically as possible since she was in high school and writes about her life on her blog.

These items are no longer bought by Roosa:

cosmetics Products

"I have over the years reduced the cosmetics purchase and use a lot. I haven’t used nail polishes, face creams or shower gel for years. I have made myself a deodorant soda, coconut oil and potatoes. As a conditioner, I use apple cider vinegar diluted with water. If necessary, I use salt soap. ”

kitchen roll

“It only took us a couple of rolls of kitchen paper a year, not anymore. I use durable scarves and make rags from old gauze, t-shirts or small towels. I have noticed that one of the permanent rag absorbs as well as 5-6 to return to paper towels. "

Gift wrapping papers and bags

“With a child, there will be a lot of gifts and birthday invitations. I save the gift papers and bags that came to us and reuse them. ”


“I mainly use a general cleaning agent for cleaning, which I make from vinegar, water and lemon myself. Sometimes I also use lump soap or other natural soaps. ”

Cling film

“I don’t understand what fresh film would be needed for. For example, if there is food left over, I put it in a small container and on a plate. If necessary, I use beeswax wrappers, which you can also make yourself. ”

Storage systems, baskets and boxes

"Kars stuff all the time, and I have decided that I no longer buy order luodakseni plastic boxes, -koreja or other storage of goods. Storage boxes and cases can be made from the cardboard or shoe boxes themselves and, for example, from oatmeal jars, ice cream boxes and glass jars. ”

The article was originally published in Me Women. You can read the original story here.

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