Former Chairman Ghosn Escapes About 53 million yen remittance to a suspect helped by his son July 24, 14:30

Former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., Carlos Ghosn, was arrested by an American suspect who was arrested on the suspicion of helping the escape in a case of escaping to Lebanon in the Middle East. Under "Assets", it was found that about 53 million yen worth of Japanese yen had been transferred.

This was revealed in a document released by the court in the state of Massachusetts in the eastern United States by the 23rd.

According to it, after the former chairman Ghosn fled to Lebanon, the American Peter Peter who was arrested from January to May this year by his former son Anthony for allegedly helping the escape It is said that about 500,000 dollars (equivalent to about 53 million yen) of crypto assets were remitted to Taylor.

Documents published by the court so far have revealed that former President Ghosn sent more than $860,000 (about 91 million yen) to the suspect Taylor in October last year before he fled. In total, about 144 million yen was paid.

Peter Taylor, along with his father Michael Taylor, has been arrested in the United States and is hearing whether a Massachusetts court will hand over to Japan.