In Grenoble, France, residents jumped out of the balcony to escape the fire from the apartment, and the villagers took them naked.

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A child on the balcony of the apartment, with flames of fire or black smoke, is hanging at stake.

On the first floor, the villagers shouted to jump, and my ten-year-old brother had his three-year-old brother jump first.

And below, the villagers threw all over their bodies and got their brother safely.

Subsequently, the brother jumped out, and this time he was able to take the elder brother and evacuate him.

In a pressing situation, the neighbors threw themselves in unison and rescued them, allowing them to stay safe.

Walid, who was at the forefront of the rescue, said his wrist was broken in the process.

Walid, who saved the children in France, became a hot topic, and he responded humbly, saying, "The children who believe and jump on us are real heroes."

The netizens said, "Everybody must have been in a terrifying situation... I am really impressed." "Thanks to the adults and the older brother is also special. I applaud the big courage."

(Source: YouTube RTE News)