A U.S. federal judge ordered Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, to be transferred from prison back to house arrest. Cohen was transferred from house arrest to prison two weeks ago because he was told he had violated the terms of the house arrest. The matter was reported by the New York Times.

Cohen has planned to publish a revelation book about Trump before the November presidential election. Cohen's lawyer, Jeffrey Levinen, said Cohen was presented with conditions related to the house arrest on Thursday, which banned, for example, speaking to the press and publishing memoirs.

According to authorities, Cohen refused to sign the terms. According to Cohen's defense, he would have agreed to the terms after he was threatened with return to prison.

“I think Cohen’s return to prison from house arrest was a retaliation because he wants to use his constitutional freedom of speech to write a book and discuss it on social media with others,” Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein says.

Cohen served a three-year sentence in a federal prison in New York when he was placed under house arrest in late May. In December 2018, Cohen was sentenced to Congress for, among other things, lying and tax fraud.

The release of Cohen from prison was linked to measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in prisons.