China News Service, July 23. According to the official WeChat news of the State Internet Information Office, the State Cyberspace Administration of China has decided to start from July 24, 2020 in response to the prominent problems of socially reflected commercial website platforms and "self-media" disrupting the order of online communication Carry out centralized rectification across the country. During the rectification period, a number of websites and platforms with serious problems will be strictly investigated and dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations, and a number of accounts that reflect strong violations will be blocked.

  The head of the State Cyberspace Administration Office of the People’s Republic of China held today at the special deployment meeting to centrally rectify commercial website platforms and “self-media” prominent problems and further regulate the order of network communication, said that each website platform must not have a fluke mentality and “pass through” thinking. Perform the main responsibility, carry out in-depth self-examination and clean-up, regulate their own behavior, manage platform accounts, and effectively maintain the order of online communication. In accordance with the unified deployment, the local cybersecurity and informatization departments will strengthen supervision and inspections in conjunction with relevant departments to deal with in-depth and incomplete self-correction website platforms in accordance with laws and regulations, purge industry chaos, respond to social concerns, and create a clean cyberspace.

  According to the State Cyberspace Administration of China, this centralized rectification will focus on six major tasks: first, centralized rectification of commercial website platforms, mobile browsers, "self-media" illegally collecting, editing and publishing Internet news information, and reprinting non-compliant sources; It is to standardize the review and management of domestic news apps in mobile application stores; the third is to establish and improve social platform community rules and strengthen the operation and management of social platforms; the fourth is to standardize the operation and management of hot lists of commercial website platforms; the fifth is to strengthen the participation of online celebrities in forums, forums, and lectures , Annual meetings, seminars, seminars and other network activities management, standardize the online live broadcast of related activities; Sixth, optimize and improve the positive energy dissemination of mobile news clients and public accounts. Through centralized rectification of six areas, focus on solving some commercial website platforms and "self-media" one-sided pursuit of commercial interests, in order to attract "eyeballs" hype hot topics, illegal editing and publishing of Internet news information, spread false information, and engage in "headline parties" Wait for the chaos of network communication to promote the order of network communication to improve significantly.

  The person in charge of the State Cyberspace Administration said that the centralized rectification will adhere to three principles: First, the integration of points and areas. According to the standard of "one ruler for the whole network", while focusing on key objects, various website platforms are investigated one by one; while focusing on solving key problems, the company self-examination, online inspection, on-site inspection, and report acceptance are found All kinds of problems are included in the scope of rectification. The second is to treat both symptoms and root causes. On the basis of carrying out centralized rectification, the cybersecurity and informatization department will promote the permanent cure with the temporary cure, consolidate the temporary cure with the cure, focus on laying the foundation, benefit the long-term, sort out the shortcomings and shortcomings in the work, systematically study the cure strategy, and promote the formation of long-term effects mechanism. The third is effective integration. While rectifying prominent problems, we will further give full play to the active role of various network entities, vigorously promote the main theme, widely spread positive energy, and create a good online public opinion atmosphere for economic and social development.

  The responsible comrades of the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television attended the special deployment meeting. This centralized rectification will adhere to problem-oriented and open-door rectification. During the rectification period, netizens are welcome to report and provide clues (the website of the Center for Reporting Illegal and Bad Information of the Cyberspace Administration of China: The Cyberspace Administration of China will verify and dispose of clues reported by netizens in accordance with laws and regulations or refer them to relevant departments for processing.