China News Service, Beijing, July 22, report title: Xi Jinping and entrepreneurs "talk to heart": "Stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood"

  Author Zhang Ziyang Huang Yuqin

  A symposium on entrepreneurs covering state-owned enterprise leaders, private entrepreneurs, foreign-funded enterprises and managers of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-funded enterprises, and representatives of individual industrial and commercial households will be held in Beijing on the afternoon of the 21st.

  Regarding why such a symposium was held at this point in time, China’s top leader Xi Jinping expressed his expectations in his speech: “Today, we are holding a symposium for entrepreneurs. It is to encourage everyone, and the third is to listen to your opinions and suggestions on the current economic situation and the reform and development of enterprises during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period."

  The outside world has noticed that in this symposium focusing on "talking" and "invigorating", Xi Jinping not only made the latest judgments on the current domestic epidemic prevention and control and economic development, but also placed expectations on how entrepreneurs can have a more brilliant future Among them, “protection” was mentioned 8 times, and “market entities” 16 times. The speeches can be described as frank and honest.

"Talking to Heart", aiming to protect market players in every possible way

  Talking about the current epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery, Xi Jinping pointed out that China has achieved major strategic results in epidemic prevention and control, and its economic development has shown a stable and improved trend, and it is at the forefront of the world in epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery. China's economy fell sharply in the first quarter. In the second quarter, it stabilized and recovered, turning from negative to positive, with an increase of 3.2%. In the first half of the year, GDP fell by 1.6%, and the situation was better than expected. We must strengthen our confidence, face difficulties, and strive to make up for the losses caused by the epidemic, and strive for good economic development throughout the year.

  "The new crown pneumonia epidemic has had a huge impact on China's economy and the world economy. Many market players in our country are facing unprecedented pressure. The market players are the carriers of economic power, and the protection of the market players is the protection of social productivity." Xi Jinping emphasized, "You are not afraid to stay in the green hills. There is no firewood. We must do everything possible to protect the market players and accumulate basic strength for economic development."

  Regarding how to enable the majority of market entities not only to survive normally, but also to achieve greater development, Xi Jinping proposed to include "implementing the policies to help companies benefit from poverty", "creating a market-oriented, legalized, and international business environment", and "building a pro-qing "Political business relations" and "high attention to support the development of individual industrial and commercial households" and other four requirements.

  Especially in the current domestic and international "special" environment, how to "create a market-oriented, legalized, and internationalized business environment", Xi Jinping has clarified four "requirements."

  ——We must implement the Civil Code and relevant laws and regulations, and equally protect the property rights and independent management rights of state-owned, private, and foreign-owned enterprises in accordance with the law, and improve the legal environment for fair competition among various market players.

  ——Protect the legitimate rights and interests of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law, strengthen the protection of property rights and intellectual property rights, form long-term and stable development expectations, encourage innovation, tolerate failure, and create a strong atmosphere that encourages entrepreneurs to start businesses.

  -To promote streamlining of administration and decentralization, fully implement the market access negative list system, and support enterprises to better participate in market cooperation and competition.

  ——We must implement the foreign investment law, relax market access, and promote trade and investment facilitation. Companies registered in China shall be treated equally and a level playing field shall be improved.

"Talking to Heart", also put forward earnest hope to entrepreneurs

  How entrepreneurs can lead enterprises to overcome current difficulties and move towards a more brilliant future, Xi Jinping puts forward five points of hope.

  ——Enhance patriotism. Xi Jinping said that outstanding entrepreneurs must have a lofty sense of mission and a strong sense of responsibility towards the country and the nation, closely integrate the development of the enterprise with the prosperity of the country, the prosperity of the nation, and the happiness of the people, and take the initiative to serve the country and share the worries for the country. Those who benefit the country love it, and those who harm the country evil." Entrepreneurs love the country in various forms of realization, but first of all, it is to run a first-class enterprise, lead the enterprise to work hard, strive for the first-class, and achieve better quality, higher efficiency, stronger competitiveness, and greater influence.

  --Courage to innovate. Xi Jinping said that in the current pandemic, all industries are difficult, but the crisis is organic, and only innovators win. Entrepreneurs should be explorers, organizers, and leaders of innovation and development, bravely promote production organization innovation, technological innovation, and market innovation, attach importance to technology research and development and human capital investment, effectively mobilize employee creativity, and strive to build enterprises into powerful innovations The subject realizes the phoenix nirvana and rebirth from the ashes.

  -Integrity and compliance. Xi Jinping pointed out that people cannot stand without credibility, especially for enterprises and entrepreneurs. The awareness of the rule of law, the spirit of contract, and the concept of compliance are important conscious norms of modern economic activities, as well as important requirements for a credit economy and an economy under the rule of law. Entrepreneurs should set an example of integrity and law-abiding, and promote the moral quality and civilization of the whole society.

  -Undertake social responsibility. Xi Jinping said that at present, with increasing employment pressure, some workers face the risk of unemployment. Caring for employees is an important aspect of entrepreneurs in fulfilling their social responsibilities. They must work hard to stabilize jobs, care about employees' health, and work with them to tide over difficulties.

  ——Expanding international horizons. Xi Jinping pointed out that entrepreneurs should be based in China, look to the world, improve their ability to grasp international market trends and demand characteristics, improve their ability to grasp international rules, improve their ability to develop international markets, improve their ability to prevent international market risks, and drive enterprises to a higher level of external Achieve better development in opening up, and promote the domestic and international double cycle.

"Talking", we must concentrate on doing our own affairs

  "I said at the National'Two Sessions' this year that facing the future, we must gradually form a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles mutually promoting each other." Xi Jinping said, in the current rising protectionism and the global economic downturn Under the external environment of shrinking global market, we must give full play to the advantages of the domestic super-large-scale market, add impetus to China's economic development through the prosperity of the domestic economy and smooth the domestic cycle, and drive the recovery of the world economy. It is necessary to enhance the modernization level of the industrial chain and supply chain, vigorously promote technological innovation, accelerate the research on key core technologies, and create new advantages for future development.

  Xi Jinping specifically explained why the "domestic cycle is the main body": "With the domestic cycle as the main body, it is by no means a closed door to operate, but by leveraging the potential of domestic demand to better connect the domestic market with the international market. Make better use of both domestic and international markets and resources to achieve stronger and more sustainable development."

  He said that in the long run, economic globalization is still a historical trend, and the division of labor and cooperation between countries and mutual benefit and win-win are the long-term trends. "We must stand on the right side of history, persist in deepening reforms, expanding opening up, strengthening open cooperation in the field of science and technology, promoting the building of an open world economy, and building a community with a shared future for mankind." (Finish)