Admittedly, sales fell from $ 6.35 billion to $ 6.04 billion compared to the corresponding quarter last year. But it is still significantly higher than the 5.37 billion in turnover that the analysts predicted, which is partly linked to the fact that vehicle deliveries were at higher levels than expected.

Tesla also reports a net profit for the fourth quarter in a row. This time, the unadjusted profit landed at $ 104 million.

-As I see it, it is an impressive report where you once again manage to beat the high expectations that exist. And that you make an unexpected profit is also impressive, says Nordnet's savings economy Frida Bratt.

Up 500 percent

At the same time, Tesla announces that the company is sticking to the delivery target of 500,000 vehicles this year.

-It is strong that you keep it despite having experienced disruptions in production due to covid-19, says Bratt.

For the automotive industry in general, the second quarter of the year has been extremely challenging. The corona pandemic has hit hard and global car production fell by 45 percent during the quarter. In the first half of the year, car sales fell by 27 percent.

But the electric car manufacturer Tesla does not seem to have suffered significantly so far, at least not if you look at the share. This year, it has increased by almost 275 percent - and since a year ago, the price increase is just over 500 percent.

Future and growth

The company's CEO, entrepreneur and tech profile Elon Musk, has also considered the share to be overvalued, something he tweeted about in early May. However, this did not cause the share to fall.

And after this year's second report, Tesla continues to rise. In trading, the share rose 6 percent when the market gave the interim report a thumbs up.

-I understand that when you deliver so stably again. And it is very important for Tesla that you can achieve what you say you can achieve because so much is about the future and growth, says Frida Bratt.