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seems that there will be a senior secretary-level greeting from the Blue House within this month. Kim Jo-won, who had multiple homes, and Min Jeong-suk, who was in the midst of a replacement, said that he would sell a house and was caught with something unchanged. Kang Ki-jeong's Jeong Moo-suk is expected to be replaced, but Park Su-hyun, a former Blue House spokesman, was said to be influential.

Reporter Jeong Yun-sik was covered.


Kim Jo-won, the Blue House Min Jeong-suk, who owns'two smart's in Gangnam and Songpa, Seoul.

It is said that the housing deadline for multi-homeowners re-recommended by the secretary-general of the office, Roh Young-min, is now only ten days away, and yesterday (21st) was said to have revealed the intention of selling a house.

Kim is the best candidate.

On the other hand, Kang Ki-jeong's chief executive officer is expected to be replaced.

An official from the Blue House said, “The first task of Jeong Moo-Soo was to prevent the presidential approval rating from falling, but he could not defend it.”

Regarding the successor Jeong Moo-suk's position, personnel who have strength in communication with the National Assembly have been verified by personnel, and it is said that Park Soo-hyun, former spokesman for the Blue House, is influential.

In the National Security Office of the Blue House led by Chief Executive Officer Seo Hoon Kim, it is highly likely that First Deputy Minister Kim Yoo-geun will be replaced by former Deputy Minister of Defense.

An official from Cheong Wa Dae said, “The HR Recommendation Committee has decided to be a singular candidate for Park, a former spokesman, and former Vice Minister Seo.”

Another candidate to be replaced is Yeon-myeong Kim, the chief of social studies.

Here is the internal promotion theory of the head of the State Affairs Office, Jin-Seok Lee.

As the secretary-general of Roh Young-min was held, the number of senior-level replacement targets was higher than expected, which could lead to a'mid-range'.

There are also observations that the reorganization of the Blue House personnel will lead to the reorganization next month.

The revised timing is expected to be transferred to the regular assembly in September.

(Video coverage: Cho Jung-young, Shin Dong-hwan, video editing: Choi Jin-hwa)