The bikers of the national gendarmerie. (Illustration) - S. ORTOLA / 20 MINUTES

How to ruin your vacation. Last weekend, a man and his three children saw their summer vacation plans halted by a police check. The father did indeed accumulate several offenses endangering the life of his small family.

Driving at night may allow you to avoid traffic jams, but not necessarily the police. This is how the soldiers of the Caudry brigade, near Cambrai, in the North, checked a vehicle occupied by a man and his children. The small troop was on the road of the holidays towards a place which was not specified and which, anyway, it will not reach during this night of Friday to Saturday July 18.

The three-week-old son's blanket as a drug hiding place

From the first checks, the gendarmes quickly realized that the driver did not hold a driving license. Then, the odor emanating from the passenger compartment helping, the soldiers obtained from the driver the admission that he had just smoked a joint in his car despite the presence of the children.

The icing on the cake, the motorist also admitted that he was in possession of a small reserve of narcotics. With amazement, the gendarmes found that the drugs were concealed in the stuffed animal which kept company with the son of the driver, only three weeks old.

End of the journey for the man and his family. The man will soon be summoned to court to answer for his actions.


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