The Criminal Court in Dubai has commenced the trial of an Asian unemployed who fraudulently seized 9 million and 278 thousand and 639 airline miles, valued at about one million and 440 thousand dirhams from one of the major airlines in the country, after he forged electronic documents, based on which he created 24 fake accounts in the aviation program Affiliated with the victim institution, then enter travel ticket details for the clients of the company he works for and earn miles for himself.

The Dubai Public Prosecution charged him with committing a felony of forgery in an official electronic document and fraud to seize the money of others from an information system.

The security official at the Department of Anti-Fraud at the victim’s institution said that the prosecution’s investigation is for checking on suspicious tickets purchased from the company, and it discovered the existence of a set of electronic accounts registered in the business class rewards program managed from one computer, and miles on tickets are deposited in those The accounts are in the name of one person, noting that they expanded the investigation and found that these accounts belong to expired companies.

By examining the method of paying the tax for those tickets that add miles to its accounts, it was found that they are paid through one credit card belonging to the accused, who seized approximately nine million and 279 thousand miles, valued at about one million and 144 thousand and 844 dirhams, and admitted that he seized them by fraudulent methods.

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