“We honestly believe that such a weapon should not exist at all. Why even have a nuclear powered cruise missile with a nuclear tip? This is nothing more than flying Chernobyl. Imagine what kind of radioactive release it will create during the flight. There is no logic that justifies these Doomsday systems, ”he said during a speech to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

As Billingsley noted, he informed the Russian partners that this "spending of huge funds" and such developments should be stopped.

Also during his speech, the official said that the hypersonic weapons created by the Americans would become "equalizers" for the United States in the Asia-Pacific region.

Billingsley said in early July that the Russian Burevestnik and Poseidon missile projects were "terrible" and should be shut down.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin said in February, Russia will continue to equip all branches of the armed forces with the latest types of weapons and equipment, including laser and hypersonic systems.