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July 21, 2020 Six small boats have been rescued, from the dawn of today until now, in the waters in front of Lampedusa (Ag), by the patrol boats of the Coast Guard and the Guardia di Finanza. A total of 102 Tunisians have arrived. The largest boat contained thirty people. All were taken to the Imbriacola district hotspot where, at the moment, there are 180 guests with a maximum capacity of 95 people. Offshore Lampedusa other small boats would have been sighted. 

The tension on the island is palpable, despite yesterday's visit by the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese who - accompanied by the Chief of Police Franco Gabrielli - ensured "maximum attention" and "rapid transfers" so as not to burden the population. Yesterday, some citizens had made their voices heard by demonstrating in front of the town hall of Lampedusa. They say they are seriously worried about the constant landings in full Covid-19 emergency.

Group 19 Algerians surprised before landing in Sulcis
Hot and a light south wind favored a new landing of migrants from Algeria this morning on the coasts of Sulcis, in Sardinia. This morning around 6 a boat about 6 meters long, which left the coast of Africa yesterday evening, was spotted at sea by a fishing boat that immediately informed the harbor master. An coast patrol vessel from the Air and Naval Department of the Guardia di Finanza of Cagliari arrived on the spot, who surprised a group of 19 migrants as he was about to disembark near Capo Teulada, in the locality of 'Cala Su Truccu', in an area difficult to reach in land rescue. The financiers escorted the boat to the port of Sant'Antioco, from where the 19 Algerians were transferred to the first reception center of Monastir (Cagliari). The favorable weather and sea conditions of the next few days could favor new arrivals.