China News Service, July 22. According to Agence France-Presse, the Nobel Prize Foundation stated on July 21 that due to the new crown epidemic, the Nobel Prize banquet in December will be cancelled and the award ceremony will be held in a “new format”. It is reported that this is the first time the Nobel Prize banquet has been cancelled since 1956.

Data map: Nobel Prize dinner held in Stockholm, Sweden.

  Nobel Prize Foundation Chairman Lars Heikensten said in a statement: “Due to the current epidemic, Nobel Prize Week will be different from the past. This is a very special year. Everyone needs to make sacrifices and adapt. A whole new environment."

  Heikensden said that the winners and their achievements will be emphasized in a "different way." Agence France-Presse said he hinted that the winners might receive the award in their country or at the embassy.

  As usual, the annual Nobel Prize award ceremony is held on December 10th, the anniversary of Nobel’s death. After the award ceremony, the winners will participate in a banquet held in Stockholm City Hall with about 1,300 guests.

  The Nobel Prize Foundation stated that due to the uncertainty of international travel and large gatherings caused by the epidemic, many events will be held under new arrangements. However, this year's awards will still be announced from October 5th to 12th.