Egyptian Parliament unanimously approves military dispatch to Libya 9:55, 21 July

On Libya in North Africa, where the country split east and west and the civil war continues, the neighboring Egyptian parliament, which supports military organizations in the east, unanimously approved the dispatch of troops to Libya. There is concern that tensions will increase further with Turkey, which provides military support to the conflicting Western Transitional Government.

In Libya, after the collapse of the dictatorship, the country split into east and west, and a transitional government in the west, supported by Turkey and other countries, and a eastern military organization supported by Egypt and Russia are in a civil war.

Recently, the provisional government side has advanced troops to the east with the military support of Turkey, and in response to this, Egyptian President Sissi is a key point leading to the oil field, thinking that if he advances to the central city Sylt, military intervention will not stop. Was showing.

The Middle Egyptian parliament held a private meeting yesterday, and said, "We have unanimously approved the dispatch of troops across national borders for national security."

It authorizes the dispatch of troops to Libya, which allows President Sissi to intervene directly in the military.

If Egypt decides to send troops to Libya in the future, it may cause a direct conflict with Turkey, which provides military support to the transitional government, and there is concern that tension will increase further.