Is cyber attack against companies such as Japan? US Department of Justice prosecuted two Chinese 8:34 on July 22

The US Department of Justice has charged two Chinese men for stealing sensitive information by repeatedly cyberattacking companies in countries including Japan.
The two were also trying to obtain information on the development of a vaccine for the new coronavirus, and the Justice Department blames the Chinese intelligence agency for supporting the activity.

The US Department of Justice held a press conference on the 21st and charged two Chinese men, 33 and 34, with cyber attacks on companies in the United States, Japan, Germany, etc., and stealing confidential information. I announced that I did.

The two say that they have repeatedly illegally accessed systems of companies for more than 10 years, and stole a large amount of information in a wide range of fields such as advanced technology, information communication, medical care, defense related.

Also, since the end of the day, he was trying to obtain information from several American companies that are developing vaccines for the new coronavirus.

In relation to Japan, multiple companies stole medical device-related data, drawings of high-efficiency gas turbines, and source code for game blueprints.

The Justice Department pointed out that Chinese intelligence services were supporting the activities of the two, saying, "China will use all means, including plagiarism of intellectual property, to make America's economic, technical and military advantage. Is being slammed."

The two appear to be in China, and the FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a written order to call for information.