A wild boar (illustration). - Pixabay / domeckopol

It took over an hour to catch it. On Monday, a wild boar sowed panic in the streets of Le Croisic, a seaside resort in Loire-Atlantique. According to the Ouest-France newspaper , the beast was first seen on the beach in the early afternoon, before the gendarmerie started looking for it. But the wild boar took the road to the city center, where a game of hide-and-seek began ...

On its way, the animal, around 80kg, would have damaged several vehicles and a glass door. He would also have injured a 74-year-old woman in the calf: an intervention of the firefighters was necessary to help him. Eventually, the wild boar was trapped in the courtyard of a building. The daily Presse Océan reports that the police had to call on a hunter to kill the mammal.


Loire-Atlantique: A man seriously injured in the thigh during a wild boar hunt


Ille-et-Vilaine: Two gendarme cars damaged because of a wild boar

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