The statue of the Virgin Mary of Montaud, in Hérault, was found beheaded. - Joël Raymond Facebook

“The earth has limits but human stupidity is endless”. The mayor of Montaud, a town located north-east of Montpellier, chose to quote Gustave Flaubert to express the substance of his thoughts.

The statue of the virgin mary has @ Montaud34 beheaded!
Grievous act against this cultural and religious symbol.
"The earth has limits but human stupidity is infinite" Gustave Flaubert @ MLMontpellier @ GazetteLive34 @bleuherault @viaOccitanieTV @CoDubost

- Joel Raymond (@JoelRaymondM) July 20, 2020

On Facebook, Joël Raymond indicated that the statue of the Virgin Mary, erected on a municipal plot, had been found in recent days beheaded. "Is it human imbecility?" Is this an act against the Christian community? I do not know the explanation of this malicious act but… recognize that it is distressing and disrespectful of our cultural and religious heritage ”, lamented the city councilor.

The latter indicated that he had filed a complaint with the gendarmerie and that the municipality would decide over the coming days whether this statue is repaired or taken back in full. Before adding to the attention of the authors of the degradation: "I just want to remind them that this statue was the symbol of the love and tenderness of a mother. "


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