At the central police station of the national police of Toulouse. - FRED SCHEIBER / 20 MINUTES

He thought he was meeting a man with whom he had interacted on an LGBT dating site. When he went to the appointment on July 11 in a park in Talence, near Bordeaux, two teenagers aged 16 and 17 were waiting for this 34-year-old homosexual.

They then beat him to the point that the victim lost consciousness. The two young homophobic attackers who had set him this trap were arrested and placed in pre-trial detention last week, said Girondin police.

20 days of ITT

They are suspected in addition to having hit him, also having stripped him of his satchel, his jewelry and his mobile phone. The victim had 20 days of ITT following this violent homophobic attack explained the departmental directorate of public security.

According to the investigators, the 30-year-old received "multiple blows from the two individuals at the same time proffering insults of a homophobic nature". They were able to go back to the first suspect thanks to the line which made it possible to fix the meeting, a minor already known for a “serious series of robberies with violence committed in a meeting” at the beginning of 2020.

The latter "partially" acknowledged the facts, nevertheless assuring that he acted "under the threatening influence of an individual who would have forced him to foment this ambush". His alleged accomplice also admitted the facts, advancing him, "it was initially a meeting to simply hit the victim". They were provisionally incarcerated pending trial.


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