Benjamin Keough, grandson of Rock King Elvis, died at the age of 27 in a July 12 suicide. According to the forensic doctor, he shot himself. Keough died at his mother’s Lisa Marien Presley villa in Calabasas, Los Angeles.

The death of Benjamin Keough is not the only tragedy that has touched the Presley family. Elvis' family members have faced a variety of difficulties and sorrows.

Lisa Marie Presley's son Benjamin Keough committed suicide12. July.

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Unlike the rest of the family, Keough, who died at the age of 27, stayed out of public view. According to the Daily Mail, a friend of Keough says Keough suffered from depression, and felt Presley’s family was a burden.

Externally, very reminiscent of Elvis, Benjamin Keough was another of Lisa Marie Presley’s children from her first marriage to Danny Keough. Benjamin’s sister Riley Keough has become known as an actress and model. Riley did not want to surname Presley to avoid prejudice.

Elvis Presley

The life of Elvis, who created an incredible career, was not just about wealth and success. Elvis Aaron Presley was born into a poor Mississippi family on January 8, 1935. Elvis' twin brother, Jesse Garon, was born dead. When Elvis was 13, the family moved to Memphis, Tennessee.

Elvis, who was interested in music at a young age, began his career in 1954, when African American music began to be brought to the attention of a wider audience. With successful television appearances and chart hits, Elvis became a pioneer in rock and roll.

Elvis died of a heart attack on August 16, 1977.

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In addition to concert stages, Elvis also appeared in several films during his career. Manager Colonel Tom Parker acquired roles for Elvis, even though he wanted to be primarily a singer. Elvis ’popularity at the peak of his career reached such proportions that, in addition to 30 of his own bodyguards, the“ Memphis Mafian, ”he was even protected by the FBI.

The manager tightly controls Elvis' career. He greedy for Elvis ’income, and didn’t let the top-rated star perform overseas.

Elvis had a severe dependence on various prescription drugs. Elvis had started snapping pills as early as his military years in Germany, when the novices were medicating themselves to stay awake.

In the military, Elvis also met his future wife. The commander’s daughter, Priscilla Beaulieu, was only 14 years old at the time of the first meeting. Mrs. Presley, who comes at the age of 15, was persuaded by her parents to let her go to the United States with Elvis. Elvis and Priscilla married in Las Vegas in 1967.

In his last years, Elvis' condition had collapsed and the star had not been identified as before.

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The marriage of Elvis and ten-year-old Priscilla was not rosy. Elvis ’father said in an interview that his son didn’t really even want to get married. Priscilla's parents, on the other hand, wanted the couple to get married.

After five years of marriage, Elvis and Priscilla ended up divorced. After the divorce, Elvis became depressed.

Eventually, Elvis was almost completely isolated from his home in Graceland. The star enrolled in the hospital several times, according to his ex-wife, to get a rest and break from publicity. The singer also suffered from severe sleep difficulties. According to the doctor, Elvis was only able to sleep at worst for three hours at a time.

Elvis was still touring in his final years, but mixed in words and could burst out laughing in the middle of the show.

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Elvis later got engaged to actor Ginger Alden, who has said he struggled with Elvis ’drug addiction and mood swings.

Elvis died at the age of 42 in 1977. The cause of death was reported to be a heart attack. At autopsy, 11 different drugs were found in the star's body. Former wife Priscilla believes Elvis took the medication intentionally in an overdose. Priscilla spoke of her suspicions in an HBO documentary, stressing that Elvis refused to seek treatment despite close-knit requests.

Presleys with newborn Lisa Marie.

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Relatives had been worried about Elvis' condition long before his death. The condition and health of the star had collapsed. In recent years, concert audiences have marveled at being overweight and speaking of a mossy rock king who was like a shadow of the former.

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla met Elvis in Germany when she was only 14 years old. Elvis was serving in the military at the time, and the duo began to spend close time together after the initial opposition from Priscilla's parents. After moving to the United States after Elvis, Priscilla initially lived with the singer's father, but soon moved to Elvis permanently. He resorted to medicine to keep up with the hard work of his loved ones touring and celebrating.

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley were married in 1967, but the marriage was unhappy.

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Priscilla finished school, and lived as a housewife after marriage. The couple married in 1967 in Las Vegas when Priscilla was 21 years old. The wedding guest list was kept small, but the celebrations still received a lot of media attention. The couple’s only Lisa Marie was born in 1968, exactly nine months after the wedding.

After the wedding, the union of Elvis and Priscilla cracked, and the singer, who spent a long time away from home, was united with several true women. Priscilla Presley was not happy with her life as a wife. Elvis did not give him permission for any kind of career, but demanded that he stay at home. Priscilla moved with Lisa Marie from Graceland in 1972, and the couple's divorce took effect in 1973. Priscilla has said she no longer received the union for the mental and physical satisfaction she initially received. However, Elvis and Priscilla remained close until Elvis' death.

Priscilla and Elvis' marriage lasted only five years.

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Priscilla was involved in the Church of Scientology after Elvis ’death, but resigned in 2016. Daughter Lisa Marie resigned from the church as early as 2014, and this crippled the mother-daughter relationship.

After the death of her ex-spouse, Priscilla Presley took over the management of Elvis ’property and Elvis Presley Enterprises, making Graceland a worthwhile place to visit. Since then, now 75-year-old Priscilla has been dating several times. Most recently, he has been associated with singer Tom Jones.

Lisa Marie Presley

Now 52, ​​Lisa Marie Presley is Elvis ’only child. Lisa Marie was only nine years old when her father died. Lapsiparka saw Elvis dead on the bathroom floor on the night of his death.

Growing up in public and struggling with drugs, Lisa Marie has experienced misfortune in her relationships, and the singer has been married Four times.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley with their only Lisa Marie.

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Lisa Marie met Danny Keough at the Church of Scientology drug rehab, and the couple married in 1988. They had two children: a daughter, Riley, and a son, Benjamin.

After permanently divorcing Keough in 1994, Presley married Michael Jackson, just 20 days after the previous union officially ended. Jackson and Presley were married for a couple of years, and moved together even after the divorce. Jackson was accused of child abuse for the first time in those days, and Lisa Marie stayed with the king of pop.

Lisa Marie Presley defended Michael Jackson when she was accused of child abuse.

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In 2000, Presley got engaged to musician John Oszajca, but broke his engagement after meeting actor Nicolas Cage. Presley married Cage in 2002, but the union lasted just over 100 days.

In 2006, Presley married her guitarist Michael Lockwood, and the couple had twins in 2008. The couple divorced in 2016. Lisa Marie continued her struggle with substance abuse problems, and after the divorce, applied for detoxification again.

Now 11-year-old twins Harper and Finley were taken into custody in 2017 when Presley informed authorities he had found plenty of obscene footage on Lockwood’s computer. Now the twins are living with their mother again, but there has been fierce controversy over custody. Among other things, the twins were not allowed to attend Elvis ’85th anniversary without Lockwood’s permission.

In 2018, court documents revealed that Lisa Marie is in enormous financial difficulty. Among other things, Presley had failed to pay taxes for nearly 8 million euros, and was in debt of more than 5 million euros for his British home, not to mention tens of thousands of euros in credit card and attorney debts.

The Presley Family in Graceland in 2010: Riley Keough, Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley and the recently deceased Benjamin Keough

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Lisa Marie inherited her father’s € 81 million estate in 2011, but in 2018 there were only € 11,000 left in the estate. According to Presley’s former Manager, Presley was living beyond his means, and the manager had to squirm to keep reckless spending under control.

The latest turning point in Lisa Marie Presley’s tragic life took place last week when her only son was found dead.