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20 July 2020 "The attention of the Government for Lampedusa is maximum. All migrants who land on these coasts will be subjected to serological tests. We will look for solutions to avoid weighing on this community". So the Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese, leaving the island, where she met the local authorities, accompanied by the Chief of Police, Franco Gabrielli. In the meeting with the first citizen, Salvatore Martello, the Interior Ministry announced that several requests had arrived, among them: the need to strengthen the existing first aid station and build a hospital on the island. Arriving in Lampedusa, Lamorgese expressed his appreciation and thanks for the difficult and burdensome commitment of the Prefecture and law enforcement agencies for the rescue, transhipment, control and transfer of migrants.

In Lampedusa last week, after a wave of landings, the president of the Region Nel Musumeci asked for a state of emergency also because the tourist season was affected by the health emergency for the Coronavirus. The islanders, who have always been welcoming people, fear that the immigration emergency will translate, for Lampedusa, into the concrete risk of contagion from Covid- 19.

"Government is already providing for the disposal of wrecks"
Lamorgese arriving in Lampedusa showed appreciation and thanks for the difficult and burdensome efforts of the Prefecture and the police for the rescue, transhipment, control and transfer of migrants. Among the initiatives already taken by the government, the Interior Ministry says, there is the disposal of boats used and then abandoned by migrants (as of July 16 45 boats were demolished; another 97 wrecks, semi sunk or lying on the Favarolo pier, were transported in a warehouse awaiting demolition).

Meeting soon with Musumeci
After having received the mayor of Pozzallo (Ragusa), Roberto Ammatuna, and today's visit to Lampedusa a few days ago at the Interior Ministry, the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese is planning other meetings with the mayors of the communities most exposed to migratory phenomenon due to the presence of structures intended for the reception and health surveillance of landed migrants. The head of the Interior Ministry expressed her intention to meet as soon as possible with the President of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci, and the Cardinal Metropolitan Archbishop of Agrigento, Francesco Montenegro.

Mayor: "With minister presence, government made one of the most authoritative voices heard"
"With the presence of Minister Lamorgese the government made one of its most authoritative voices heard in Lampedusa". Totò Martello mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa says so about the visit of the Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese to the island. "With the minister - adds Martello - we discussed different aspects, from the issue relating to migrants, starting from the rules of reception and management of the hotspot and transfers, to the treatment of boats arriving in port and also those sunk in ours seas that hinder and damage the activity of the navies ". The minister, added the first citizen, "has undertaken to activate a discussion table with other ministries to carry out coordinated action that can address other aspects, from the declaration of the state of emergency for the island to the interventions related to the coronavirus crisis , up to the encroachment of North African fishing boats into our territorial waters. In short, we have initiated a direct and important 360-degree dialogue and I thank Minister Lamorgese for his commitment and for what the government can actually do for our Lampedusa ".  

Prefect: "In Lampedusa 1,487 tests in July"
In July, 1,487 serological tests on migrants were performed on the island, only one of which gave a positive result: the person in question was subsequently tested negative for the swab. This was communicated by the prefect of Agrigento during today's committee which took place in Lampedusa, on the occasion of the visit of the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese.

The Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration has intensified contacts with the Sicilian Region to share a protocol on the procedures relating to the execution of health screening and compliance with the precautionary surveillance period for migrants. A role - that of the Sicilian Region - considered essential to guarantee the health security of migrants destined for a period of quarantine on board ships. 

Citizen group protests "Enough is enough, ports need to be closed"
"Close ports now!". This is what a group of citizens of Lampedusa shouted at the arrival of the interior minister Luciana Lamorgese at the city palace where she met the mayor Salvatore Martello. "Or take the migrants to your home," continues Angela Maraventano, a former League senator who leads the protest. "We are tired of suffering - they still say - now enough. We must close the ports immediately".