Nuremberg (dpa) - The Autostadt Wolfsburg has replaced the Autostadt Ingolstadt as the place with the highest average gross income in Germany. According to the Federal Employment Agency, an average of EUR 5089 per month was earned in Wolfsburg in 2019.

The Bavarian cities of Ingolstadt followed with EUR 5004 and Erlangen with EUR 4907. This emerges from the new pay atlas of the Federal Employment Agency, which will go online these days.

The federal state earns the most in Hamburg on average - 3820 euros, which is a good 400 euros more than the average of all of Germany. People in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have the poorest earnings on average at € 2608.

Overall, payment in eastern Germany is often significantly lower than in western Germany. The lowest 59 places in the table, arranged according to districts and cities, are occupied by regional authorities from the new federal states, before the first West German district follows with the district of Southwest Palatinate and an average gross income of 2763 euros.

The least paid in the Saxon district of Görlitz. There people have to cope with an average gross income of 2380 euros. In the next places, the Erzgebirge district is followed by the most populous district in Saxony, in front of the Saale-Orla district in Thuringia.

According to an analysis by the party Die Linke, the income in the four strongest districts and independent cities of West Germany is more than twice as high as the income in the two bottom-light districts of the East.

«It is unacceptable that East Germany is still characterized by low wages across the board. Suspended regions also exist in the west. The Federal Government must not accept that collective agreements and adequate wages have become the exception in many places, »stressed Sabine Zimmermann (left). "Low wages are not a location factor, but a catalyst for unequal living conditions." Collective bargaining must be significantly strengthened again.

However: You can also earn well in cities in eastern Germany. Dresden and Potsdam, with around 3,200 euros, are on par with the Bavarian cities of Rosenheim and Straubing.

The difference between the sexes is still serious in some cases: in Ingolstadt, full-time men earned about 156 percent of what women got in full employment last year.

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