China News Agency, Washington, July 19: Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai recently stated in Washington that China and the United States must manage their differences in a constructive manner, and should not kidnap foreign policy with suspicion, fear or even hatred.

  Cui Tiankai made the above remarks in an interview with CNN on the 18th. He pointed out that China and the United States, as a world power that bears heavy responsibility for themselves and the world, must fully recognize that we have common interests in responding to the growing global challenges when formulating policies. In response to the common expectations of the international community, we should not Let doubt, fear and even hatred come to kidnap foreign policy.

  Cui Tiankai said that the fundamental question for the United States is whether the United States is ready or willing to coexist peacefully with another country with different cultural backgrounds, political and economic systems, and cooperate to cope with many and still increasing global challenges. "This is a fundamental choice that must be made."

  Cui Tiankai stated that China is willing to deal with any U.S. government and is open to it. For China, President Trump was elected by the American people. Therefore, China is willing to cooperate with President Trump and his government and commit to building a more stable and robust relationship between the two great countries, China and the United States.

  Cui Tiankai said that any American leader and government are committed to safeguarding their national interests, as are Chinese leaders and the Chinese government. The key is to find the expanding common interests of the two countries and carry out cooperation that benefits the common interests of the two peoples and the broader interests of the international community. At the same time, differences must be managed in a constructive manner. This is China's consistent policy.

  Cui Tiankai said that Chinese civilization has a strong continuity. The Chinese people are still unremittingly advancing the process of national modernization. This has never changed in the past 70 years or the past 7 years. This is a continuous process. Like any other country in the world, China has the right to build its own country into a prosperous, modern and powerful country. (Finish)