EU summits are the time of the word, negotiations take hours, and in the end it is often the pictures that get stuck. We have compiled the iconography of the summit in the following picture series. AngelaMerkel sets two visual accents at the ongoing special summit that will remain, whether she has put it on it or not. The obvious first: she will be remembered as the mask man. The photo that Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissow reproaches, who has his mask sloppily under his nose, could be printed on T-shirts to give his opinion to the many negligent people on the S-Bahn.

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Looks like a relaxed atmosphere: Merkel (in a blue blazer) and France's President Emmanuel Macron (side by side) also talk to the President of the European Council, Charles Michel (on the left) on the second day of the Brussels EU summit over the rooftops of Brussels. But the special summit did not always run as harmoniously as in this round on a terrace and with fresh air. At least that is what the participants report.

Above the rooftops of Brussels: Chancellor Angela Merkel (on the right in pink), French President Emmanuel Macron (on the left) and EU Commission President (still further left, also in pink) talk to the President of the European Council, Charles, on chic chairs Michel (in the middle in the back).

No daylight, no fresh air: representatives of the 27 EU member states are giving advice (here on day two of the summit) about a multi-billion stimulus package that is supposed to cushion the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. An agreement on the long-term EU budget must also be reached. In total, it is about 1.8 trillion euros.

Angela Merkel (on the right in blue) with two of the so-called thrift seeds: the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin (in red) and the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lovfen. In addition to Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands, they spoke out against subsidies for EU countries affected by the pandemic - instead, they pleaded for loans.

The Chancellor arrived at the European Council building on day two of the meeting: Long hours of tough negotiations are still ahead of her.

The Chancellor arrived on Sunday. On day three of the summit, Merkel wears cream white. The day before she was wearing a blue blazer, on day one of the meeting her blazer was pink. Is it a coincidence that she wears rouge, bleu, blanc in a row? The colors of the tricolor? At any rate, Merkel and Macron form a special team at this meeting ...

"Always with the Chancellor," said Macron of his talks with other EU leaders. The president "thumped the table on Monday night with the support of Merkel," it said from a diplomatic source. According to diplomats, the "thrifty" had previously proclaimed 350 billion euros for the share of grants as the last offer, but Merkel and Macron did not want to go below a sum of 400 billion euros. 22 of the 27 states are willing to contribute this sum, it said.

This photo from the first day of the summit already has cult status today. The search for the picture of the year can now be stopped, it said on Twitter. In fact, it symbolically pretty well describes how seriously many people take mouth-nose protection. For many, it is just a mouth-chin protection, as Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissow demonstrates. The Chancellor doesn't like it.

The summit participants and the virus: To prevent the transmission of Sars-CoV-2 among the participants, strict rules apply at the two-day summit. However, not everyone adheres to it.

The same message conveys the picture that Merkel shows in the round of negotiations on the terrace high above Brussels. The gentlemen are convinced that it can be a little more relaxed outside. Merkeld, on the other hand, knows what photos of people's representatives without a mask cause to the people: even more negligence.

The other accent that Merkel sets is more subtle. You are already used to the fact that your blazer is one of the few splashes of color in the gray-black-blue suits in the group of state leaders, and currently the only one in the G7 group. And Merkel is used to reading her blazers like lead on New Year's Eve. ZEIT said last year to Merkel: "It is no problem for a man to wear a dark blue suit for a hundred days in a row, but if I wear the same blazer four times within two weeks, the citizens' mail will be generated."

Can it be a coincidence that she showed herself in red, blue, white and red again over the past four days, the colors of the French tricolor? At this summit, where she and French President Emmanuel Macron are trying to negotiate a plan to save Europe from the Corona crisis?

Macron said he "always talks to the Chancellor" to talk to other heads of government. Merkel wore bleu, blanc et rouge . Pictures instead of words.

EU heads of state and government have been negotiating in Brussels for four days. What is the EU summit about? A lot of money, more precisely: Corona aid and a new EU budget for the years 2021 to 2027. The fact that the two are related makes the negotiations so complex. These are the two main issues:

  • Will it be loans or grants? Corona aid was originally supposed to amount to 750 billion euros, 500 billion of which should be grants. Austria, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Finland insist on more loans. These would have to be repaid in full by their recipients.
  • What are the rules for the allocation of EU budget funds? Hungary in particular is opposed to tying them to compliance with the rule of law. So far, Poland has also rejected this. Even before the summit, the German government had identified the rule of law as a priority of its presidency.