North Korea yesterday (18th) held a series of expansion meetings and closed meetings of the party's Central Military Commission. He said he had discussed ways to strengthen the deterrence of war. It also suggested that the military card was still valid, and candidate Lee In-young said he had to separate humanitarian and political issues.

Reporter Kim A-young.


North Korean media released a video saying that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un presided yesterday following the expansion of the party's Central Military Delegation and a closed meeting.

The expression of nucleus is not used, so the water level seems to have been adjusted, but it is noticeable that they discussed ways to strengthen the deterrence of war.

[Chosun Central TV: Discussing the key issues to further strengthen the country's deterrent to war... .]

At the same time, it said that it had checked the readiness for potential military threats, but it is resolved by discussions on joint ROK-US training.

[Joseongryeol / National Security Strategy, Senior Research Fellow: If, as US-ROK military exercises are scheduled to include whether to take any action, in the form of strategic provocation and these parts are're likely would have been widely discussed -

Kim is just 25 days ago He said he had a preliminary meeting with the Central Military Commission and ordered the suspension of military action with South Korea.

However, at this plenary session, there were no mentions of military actions that were withheld, nor mention of South Korea itself.

Inter-Korean relations seem to mean maintaining a strong state.

In the midst of this, candidate Lee In-young emphasized the separation of humanitarian and political issues.

Humanitarian sectors such as eating, sick, and wanting to see, such as food, health cooperation, and reunion of the separated family, said they were willing to proceed politically, according to a senior ministry official.

It is an idea to promote a joint project linking thirty cities in each of the two inter-Korean cities as the first step after the appointment of the special report by Lim Jong-seok.

It is noteworthy how North Korea, which is eager to suggest new diplomatic and security facts from the former chairman of the National Assembly, will respond.

(Video editing: Yumira)