Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 19th: According to a report by the Korea News Agency on the 19th, the Workers’ Party of Korea held the fifth expanded meeting of the seventh Central Military Commission on the 18th. The Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party Chang Jinzheng presided over the meeting.

  It is reported that the meeting pointed out a series of problems in the political and ideological life and military work of the commanders of the People's Army, and discussed the issue of strengthening the Party's education and guidance to the commanders and political workers of the People's Army in accordance with the Party's ideology and requirements. .

  The meeting focused on the issue of using the party's revolutionary thinking to more thoroughly arm the new generation of commanding members of the People's Army, and proposed specific directions and ways for this.

  The meeting also discussed the organizational issues related to the appointment and removal of the chief staff members of the armed forces.

  After the meeting, the Central Military Committee of the Labor Party held a closed-door meeting to examine the strategic mission and operational mobilization status of the main forces against the military situation and potential military threats around the Korean peninsula, and discuss the core issue of further strengthening North Korea’s war deterrence.

  According to reports, the meeting also reviewed and approved the core plan indicators for major military production. Kim Jong-un signed a number of orders to perform approved core tasks. (Finish)