Trump Administration Considering Reduction of US Armed Forces in Korea Newspaper on July 18, 10:11

Amid a difficult deal between the US and South Korean governments over the costs of US troops stationed in South Korea, a leading US paper reported that the Trump administration is considering cutting US troops in Korea.

The US and South Korean governments have been discussing the costs of the US troops stationed in South Korea since September last year, but the Trump administration is demanding a large increase in the burden, and the talks are difficult.

The U.S. leading paper, The Wall Street Journal, said on Thursday that President Trump still questioned the need for overseas deployment of U.S. troops, including the U.S. troops in South Korea, according to government officials. He told House that he had offered the option to reduce the strength of the 28,500 men stationed in South Korea.

However, in addition to not knowing the specific scale of the reduction, it has not decided whether or not to actually reduce it.

Regarding the overseas expansion of the U.S. military, President Trump announced last month that he would reduce the number of U.S. troops stationed there from 34,500 to 25,000, saying that Germany has not paid sufficient defense budget.

Regarding the cost of the US troops stationed in Japan, the Trump administration is preparing to increase the burden, and it is expected that negotiations with Japan, which will start this year, will be difficult.