Empress Sofia Belórf, 30, and businessman Stefan Therman have held close together since the two sides separated from their previous relationships during the spring.

The couple is currently on a joint holiday trip in Levi. In the midst of working together, Belórf was excited to share a shared image of the twin with his followers.

In his update, Belórf split the joke about how they managed to go together on a mountain bike ride without arguing at all.

- This is us! Once again, one pair test in the back - the first cross-country run together and without arguing! Belórf writes.

It wasn't long before Sofia's ex-spouse Niko Nousiainen arrived in the comment box of the beauty's picture and left a nascent acknowledgment to her ex-loved one.

- Nothing else to church to reserve! Nousiainen commented on Belórf's picture.

In 2012, Belórf married Nousiainen, familiar from the Big Brother program. The marriage of Sofia and Niko ended in divorce in early 2017, but the divorce was not formalized until November 2018, shortly before she moved to Spain with her new partner Niko Ranta-aho.

Many of Belórf’s other followers also left a gratifying comment on the couple’s rare co-image.

- Take the cute ones together! commented by a follower.

- You can see a person when he is happy and here it is cared for by both.

Belórf was formerly known by its original surname Ruusila. In 2012, he married Niko Nousiainen, known from the Big Brother program, and he became Sofia Ruusila-Nousiainen.

Photo: Leena Koskela

Belórf has been in the headlines all spring because of his recent resignation and new relationship. In April, Belórf said she had divorced her male friend, Niko Ranta-aho, who was accused of drug abuse in Katiska. Belórf commented on the difference at the time to MTV, saying he wanted a family and a man present at this point in his life.

The prosecutor also demands the punishment of Belórf for two money laundering and one drug offense.

Belórf has since moved to Helsinki's Eiranranta under the same roof as Therman.

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Belórf has published a lot of pictures of his luxurious life on social media.

Photo: Lassi Rinne

Stefan Therman, on the other hand, divorced Martina Aitolehti a moment ago after a relationship of 10 years. The relationship between Aitolehti and Therman was turbulent and they divorced several times before. This time, however, Therman assured IS that the difference was final.